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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

A young boy enjoyed the splash pad and slide at the grand opening recently of the third phase of the Four Bears Water Park

By Logan J. Davis

The weather in the area has been scorching hot lately and with that situation, it was a great day when the 4 Bears Water Park reopened recently on a typically hot summer day. 

The excited children anticipated going into the cool waters and hit the water slides and the relaxing ‘Rolling River’. Everyone certainly made the most of all the new additions to the expanded water park that has the best in equipment, staff and amenities, along with a safe environment. 

People of all ages were enjoying the new and improved facility that adds an Olympic-sized lap pool, a climbing wall adjacent to it that resembles a small seaside cliff that one can dive off and eye-pleasing sculptures that included a huge buffalo. Wendi Wells has been the project manager since MHA Nation Chairman Mark Fox had his vision for the facility. Wells noted that the new additions are part of the continuing expansion and third phase of the 4 Bears Water Park project that enhances the first two phases of the water park. 

“Thank you to everyone who supported the project and the vision from Chairman Fox to make this reality” stated Wells. Wells was on hand at the grand opening to see the culmination of a lot of  

Chairman Mark Fox spoke at the grand opening of the Four Bears Water Park’s third phase that included the Olympic sized pool in the background
Two moms and two babies on a hot day at the grand opening
The drum group at the Four Bears Water Park grand opening ceremonies
Wendi Wells presented Tommy Mandan with a gift blanket for giving the opening prayer

effort and a vision that she shares with Chairman Fox to provide a modern water park to the people of the community.

Chairman Fox welcomed all to the opening of the water park that day (June 23rd) and his son, Eli was one of the first to jump into the pool once the grand opening ceremonies for the third phase were finished. Chairman Fox said he was grateful for the commitment of Wells and the workers at the facility.

Chairman Fox pointed out the employees who have been trained as lifeguards and the many great features of the facility and the amazing view of the Missouri River to the east of the water park. The tribal chairman then called on tribal elder and combat veteran Tommy Mandan to lead a prayer for the people who will use the water park that day and the many years ahead because the water park continue will continue to serve as a healthy and enjoyable activity. The 4 Bears Water Park is designed to serve the MHA Nation tribal members and entire community for many generations and there will be a fourth phase and final phase with more amenities and features in the coming year.

White Shield (East Segment) Councilman Fred Fox joined the tribal chairman at the grand opening event of the third phase in offering gratitude for the project and full support from the MHA Tribal Council. Councilman Fox is looking forward to seeing many people enjoy the water park for many years.

The first day was free to the public and there was free brats, hot dogs, burgers and snacks for all and music was provided by DJ Rocks all day long.

The 4 Bears Water Park is open Monday through Sunday to the public from 3:00 to 7:30 pm. Daily passes are $10 and for a season pass, the cost is $100. The water park is available for private parties. For booking a party at the water park, call the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge at 627-4018.

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