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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

TAT Job Descriptions for March 8th FB-Community REC Specialist JD Office Adm,Bis,FT JD- Sports Coordinator JD-Adm Asst JD-Admin Asst JD-Director, Beautification JD-Field Laborer-2 JD-Field Laborer JD-Field Sup, Bis,FT JD-Field Sup,Mandaree JD-Field Sup,NT JD-Field Sup,TB,Pmt JD-FL,FT,NT JD-FS,WS,FT JD-HWY Safety Data Clerk JD-Reg-Sup,NT JD-REO,NT,FT JD-Sup, Parshall,FT JD,DDPR,NT,FT  ...

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