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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

Barry Martens has returned to Parshall and is a man with a mission. That mission began with bringing a new philosophy and the best customer service to the management of Taco John’s. The popular restaurant not only provides quality food in a timely manner but it also employs 14 people. The new general manager of Taco John’s brings his own personal style and work ethic in his goals to make the Northeast Segment business continue to enjoy success. Born and raised in the Parshall area, Martens is enjoying reconnecting with friends and many people that he went to school with as a Parshall Brave. Martens also looks forward to the daily interaction with the many patrons and his staff. In the over three months since he was hired through the Northeast Segment. Martens has brought together a devoted team of employees and he is willing to work right alongside his employees whenever the occasion arises. “I feel that I should be able to get in there and do the same work they do to help out. But I now consider myself a businessman in Parshall and I conduct myself like one every day at Taco John’s. I don’t own the place but Taco John’s is my responsibility,” said Martens. “I have a nice connection to the people in Parshall and feel right at home thanks to a lot of good people who want Parshall to thrive.” Martens went through 20 straight days of intensive training in Colorado after he was hired and was impressed by the quality of training he received. Now that he has developed a team of staff members who work together and are friendly, he will expand on many other aspects that will provide customers with great food and maintain a sterile environment where all staff wears masks and disposable gloves at all times. At this point in the pandemic, only the drive-through window is open, Martens noted, but Taco John’s is busy as ever. Taylor Gray is one employee who is happy at her job as a shift leader at Taco John’s. Gray has worked her way up to become a shift leader in her year of working at Taco John’s in Parshall. “I love it because this Taco John’s cares about the community and the workers. This Taco John’s is also willing to work with their employees and their individual schedules. Employees come to work and it is a relaxing place to work. I love coming to work. Our general manager is great to work with and he listens to everyone who works here and made many improvements,” stated Gray. Gray said she has received ample training both online with orientation videos and then a training specialist comes in and works hands-on with the staff. Martens said he has 14 employees and most of them are full-time at Taco John’s and he is happy with each one of them because they are customer-friendly and they all work as a team. His son, Tyler, works at Cenex in Parshall, and because of his experience, Tyler helps out on a part-time basis, mainly on Taco Tuesdays, one of their busiest days. “They all are happy to come to work because everyone gets along here,” added Martens. “I come to work seven days a week because I have to make sure everything is running well and the crew has everything they need. Since I came back from training on August 22nd, I have been here every day. I don’t work full days every day, but this place needs to have staff that can work on their own and be self-motivated. I have good people now who are shift leaders. I have to be able to delegate in a good way and one thing I have implemented with the staff is timeliness, respect and being dependable.” Martens said Taco John’s employees are required to wash and sterilize their hands well and wear a mask at all times, and if they are sick with flu symptoms they are asked to stay home. “We are serious about being keeping a clean and sterile work environment so customers can be assured that their health and safety matters to us,” stated Martens. The new family restaurant that is being constructed across from Family Dollar in Parshall will also be managed by Martens. He is excited about that future responsibility and has many ideas when that business opens up in the future. He indicated that the family restaurant will be a steakhouse and burger place, but is planning to develop a good breakfast menu. “That’s one of the things that the people need is a good place to come in earlier and enjoy a socializing type place with a nice breakfast menu,” Martens concluded.
Left to right General Manager Barry Martens, Tyler Martens, Taylor Gray and Nakota Begay are some members of the team at Taco Johns

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