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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

By Bryan Kindle

On March 24th, 2022 from 2-4 pm, a few employers from Fort Berthold Reservation attended the 2022 Semi-Annual Job Fair at the Williston State College, in Williston, ND. This was the first job fair event in the Williston area since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, which started

Mayor of Williston, Howard Klug, meets with Shelbe Bearstail, Office Manager of MHA Times

in the Spring of 2020 and kept many nonessential employees out of the workforce.

New Leaf Hospitality and Fort Berthold Communication Enterprises were two local companies that attended the event. Fort Berthold Communications included MHA Times and KMHA Radio; both of which have open positions. Over one hundred additional employers from surrounding areas were also present and hoping to find qualified employees to fill their open positions.

There was no shortage of excited seekers, some handing out business cards and resumes, some taking applications, or both. The structure was well organized and job seekers were able to easily get to the desired booths. There was also no shortage of employers with open positions, keeping the job seekers busy meeting with potential employers.

The Job Fair had been set up with booths surrounding the outside of the gymnasium courts. Additionally, multiple booths were set out in the center of the gym. The organizers were well prepared and had tables and table clothes set out for each company ahead of time. They also had a cafeteria and employer lounges for the employers which kept everyone energized throughout the four-hour-long event.

The mayor of Williston, Howard Klug, made the rounds in the Skadeland gym. His opinion on the event was very optimistic, and he seemed in high spirits chatting with the locals and taking in the atmosphere.

The Semi-annual Job Fair in Williston, ND was a welcome return to normalcy for employers and employees alike.

Job Seekers meeting with potential employers
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