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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

By Lynette Pretends Eagle

The MHA Nation Veterans Affairs Department’s Free Lunch took place May 11th with what will be a continuation of free lunches for the Veterans of MHA. “We wanted to do something for veterans that doesn’t fall into the “Elders” category, and for some that don’t get a hot meal. We want to honor them with a nice hot meal.” Says Sissy Fox, MHAVA Veterans Service Officer, Army Retired. 

The MHA Nation Veterans Affairs reached out to various resources and programs such as The Door, The Vet Center, Ladies Auxiliary 253, and many more. These programs helped greatly by coming to the free lunch letting veterans aware that these various resources are there to also help there needs. 

“The war starts once the service is over.” Says Sissy “And that really hit home because that’s very true, we are so used to operating at a high stress level, and when you are done with your service, you are still at that high stress level, so you are trying to figure out how to navigate everyday life. And these services here really do help with that. Whether it is addiction, homelessness, and PTSD.” 

Sissy Fox stated, “These programs are also able to connect with each other, so we at the Veterans Affairs can build a bigger network to help our veterans.” The MHA Nation Veterans Affairs plans on continuing the free lunch for all veterans in the future, Sissy stated the next free lunch for the month of June will be Tuesday and Thursday.

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