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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

To The Editor –

The deaths of tribal members from Covid-19 are escalating. Testing for positive identification of Covid-19 cases and actions by Response Teams are both good measures; however, they are measures taken “after the fact.” Testing identifies someone who already has Covid-19. Also, Response Teams are activated in response to Covid outbreaks, food distribution, and alleviating health care workers. However, further action is required to “PREVENT” the spread of Covid and, by doing so, we will ultimately eliminate the need for testing and response teams. 

Councilwoman, Judy Brugh, is to be commended for taking extensive measures to protect the people of Four Bears. Much honor & respect to Councilwoman, Judy Brugh.

Other Segments have implemented some policies or shut down various programs. They, too, are to be commended, but, by far, much more is needed to save lives. In order to stop the further spread of this pandemic amongst our People, more is required by the Full Tribal Council. 

THE COUNCIL MUST TAKE PROACTIVE, LEGISLATIVE MEASURES.  We need “measured” responses. Make masks mandatory, do not allow groups of 10 or more to congregate, stop wakes & funerals and other social & holiday events from taking place in community buildings, and put mandatory curfews in place. 

Nothing will have been accomplished by this Administration if additional proactive measures are not taken to save lives. If the only thing we can remember about this time period is the loss of our family members, our elders, our children, then everything this Council has accomplished, thus far, will be overshadowed by the horror of death caused by this pandemic. 

This time period in history in which we are living right now will be a stark and depressive reminder that nothing was done to prevent our loved ones’ deaths; that the Full Council undertook no proactive measures. 

How our Tribal Business Council handles this pandemic will be their LEGACY . . . [b]ecause nothing else will matter. 

Diane Johnson, 

Enrolled Member of the MHA Nation

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