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Legislative Update

Jordan Kannianen

District 4 Senator

Family, friends, and neighbors,

Thank you for your communications with me. I apologize that I sometimes don’t respond to every email or message, but I read them, take them into account, and appreciate them.

Many of you have messaged me about SB 2180, which would require clergy to be mandatory reporters of allegations of abuse, etc. This bill has been withdrawn from consideration and will not be voted on.

This week turned out to be property tax week in the Finance & Tax committee. 

A few bills seek to give property tax exemptions or credits to various groups of people. While every bill is well meaning, each one has the effect of shifting the tax burden to the rest. If we don’t like our current property tax bill, we should think twice before supporting such bills, since they’ll cause the remainder of the taxpayers to pay a little more (unless you’re one of the special categories). 

One bill that doesn’t shift the local property tax burden is SB 2213, regarding a property tax credit program for disabled veterans. The program is funded by the state, giving a tax credit on the first $6,750 of taxable valuation on the home of a veteran with at least 50% disability. The bill seeks to raise the credit to the first $11,250 (a $250,000 home). While this doesn’t shift the local burden, it still has a $3.8 million fiscal note (the estimated additional cost to the state if it passes). Action has yet to be taken in committee.

SB 2192 looks to require counties to state the late penalties and interest on property tax statements. Most counties already do this, and the amended bill (for simplicity and clarity) was given a 5-2 Do Not Pass recommendation.

SB 2270 seeks to give a 70% property tax exemption for seniors 65+. With the Homestead Tax Credit program already in place (which has income limitations and is paid by the state:, and the substantial local shift in property tax burden this would create, this bill was given a unanimous Do Not Pass in committee. 

Have a great week!

Jordan Kannianen, District 4 Senator

[email protected], 701.421.8813 (cell)

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