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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) – Federal authorities say five people are accused in a large-scale drug trafficking operation that brought more than 350 pounds of methamphetamine to two American Indian reservations in North Dakota in the last three years.

A grand jury indicted Uzziel Garcia, 25, of Arizona; Allan Widmayer, 57, of Minot; Corey Baker, 50, of Sheyenne; Nathan Smith, 40, of Fort Totten; and Charlsie Walking Elk, 36, of Tokio.

The group is charged of conspiring to move the drugs to North Dakota for distribution primarily on the Spirit Lake and Turtle Mountain reservations.

A key moment in the case came when Smith was arrested with 73 grams of meth following a high speed chase and the Spirit Lake Reservation is northeastern North Dakota, authorities said. Further investigation showed that that he Baker and Walking Elk were involved in the distribution.

Baker was arrested in a June traffic stop in Grand Forks, were police seized 8 ounces of meth and $27,000. Baker’s sources were identified as Widmayer and Garcia. Widmayer was found to have 30 pounds of meth and $32,000 cash at his house in Minot, prosecutors said

Authorities said Baker had allegedly received up to 3 pounds of meth per month from Widmayer and Garcia since 2018. Garcia was arrested after she traveled to North Dakota to collect money.

All five defendants face the possibility of life in prison without parole.

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