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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

Chairman Fox’s Weekly Projects Update

MHA Nation continues to make substantial investments in the health and wellness of our people. Providing vital health care, resources and services to keep our community healthy and whole is one of our top priorities. 

V. Judy Burgh Community Center

The V. Judy Burgh Community Center, located in the 4 Bears segment, benefits our community’s current and future generations by celebrating culture, honoring history and reflecting the landscape of our homelands.

The Community Center includes the following amenities: 

  • Multifunction gymnasium 

  • Lap pool

  • Recreational pool

  • Hot tub

  • Cold plunge pool

  • Water slides

  • Sauna

  • Steam bath 

  • Fitness area 

  • Rock climbing walls

  • Bowling center

  • Nutrition bar

  • Golf simulators 

  • Running track 

  • Commercial kitchen 

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