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Chairman Fox's Weekly Projects Update

Chairman Fox’s Weekly Projects Update

MHA Nation continues to make substantial investments in the health and wellness of our people. Providing vital health care, resources and services to keep our community healthy and whole is one of our top priorities. 

New Town Spiritual Center

MHA Nation’s commitment to our peoples’ wellness includes prioritizing the community’s spiritual and emotional health. 

Located within the heart of MHA Nation’s ancestral lands on the Elbowoods Memorial Health Campus, the Spiritual Center will be a sacred and inclusive space dedicated to serving the spiritual and communal needs of its members and broader community. The Center will play a vital role in preserving our peoples’ rich heritage and spirituality, and will provide a shared space for one another to gather in ceremony. The Center is expected to open in 2026. 

The Spiritual Center will serve various functions including:   

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Spiritual ceremonies

  • Community gatherings 

  • Church activities 

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