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Chairman Fox’s Quarter 2 Update

Message from Chairman Fox

After the first quarter of 2024, MHA Nation is off to a big year. On March 25, our administration signed an alcohol tax agreement between the Tribe and the State of North Dakota that outlines a tax revenue sharing plan. Until now, all tax revenue from alcohol sold on the Fort Berthold Reservation went to the State of North Dakota rather than benefiting our Nation. Now as a result of this historic agreement, 80% of all tax revenue from alcohol sold on our reservation will be given to MHA Nation and invested in our people—including investments in addiction treatment, law enforcement, community safety, and wellness programs.

We are proud to say we are the first North Dakota Tribe to sign an agreement with the state. Our administration will continue to make sustainable investments in education, healthcare, wellness, food sovereignty, and real estate to develop our local economy and benefit our people.

MHA Nation Quarter 1 Updates

Native Green Grow Greenhouse: The Future of Food Sovereignty

The Native Green Grow (NG2) project will soon be operational! Starting this summer 2024, the greenhouse will open and will be growing leafy greens.

This important investment will extend the limited North Dakota growing season, ensuring our people have access to healthy fruits and vegetables year-round. In phase 1, the greenhouse will produce an estimated two million pounds of fresh produce each year, with room to grow more in future phases. Produce grown in phase 1 will include:

  • Leafy greens (779,220 lbs)
  • Tomatoes (571,611 lbs)
  • Peppers (163,701 lbs)
  • Cucumbers (239,973 lbs)
  • Strawberries (15,269 lbs)


Ice Warrior Plunge and Winter Festival

Thank you to all who attended the Ice Warrior Plunge and Winter Festival. We had an incredible time gathering with the community.

MHA Nation raised more than $68,000 during our 8th annual Ice Warrior Plunge on February 27. That money will go towards cancer services and resources for Native people.

The Tribe is donating a portion of the funds raised to the American Indian Cancer Foundation, a nonprofit that works to eliminate the cancer burdens of American Indian and Alaska Native people through improved access to prevention, early detection, treatment, and survivor support.

The rest will be placed in the MHA Cancer Fund, which our Tribe is planning to use to start a program that will provide lodging assistance for Tribal members and families traveling to Minnesota for appointments at the Mayo Clinic.

The event was created by Chairman Fox in 2016 and since then has raised more than hundreds of thousands of dollars in cancer research, services and resources.


Thrill & Chill Family Entertainment Center

MHA Nation is excited to be opening a Thrill & Chill Family Entertainment Center in New Town this summer. This gathering place for community members and tourists of all ages will also create new jobs and bring revenue to invest back into our Nation.

What to expect at the Thrill & Chill Family Entertainment Center:

  • Adventure rock wall and rope courses
  • State-of-the-art virtual reality golf simulator
  • Cosmic laser tag
  • Duck pin social bowling
  • Basketball half-court
  • Cosmic mini golf
  • 40+ action-packed arcade games
  • Family-style restaurant
  • Movie theater suites
  • Epic private party rooms



White Shield Veterans Center

MHA Nation has a long and decorated history of military service. We are committed to honoring our members for their service and sacrifice.

The White Shield Veterans Center will provide members and veterans with a space for gathering and ceremony.  The Veterans Center is a space to remember and celebrate those that gave so much for their people and country, and to remind future generations of those that served before them.

The grand opening is tentatively scheduled for Spring of 2024! We hope to see you there.

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