“Honoring Our Mothers”

Walk/Run event

By Brian Heskin,  

MHA Times Reporter

On behalf of the TAT-Fitness and Recreation Program we would like to thank the Segment Reps   for helping make the “Honoring Our Mothers” Walk/Run event successful. We would also like to thank Mister, Nelson, and Sidrick Baker Jr. (Four Bears), Young Bear singers (Mandaree) Jake Sage (Twin Buttes), the Sahnish Class (White Shield) they all kicked off the event with an honor song and prayer, we appreciate you!  

We wanted to recognize and honor our mothers in each of our respective segments. North Segment and Four Bears Segment had a total of 55 participants, White Shield had 105, Mandaree had 64, Twin Buttes had 40, and Parshall had 44.

Thank you all for Honoring our Mothers! We just want you to know that all your hard work does not go unnoticed! Throughout the pandemic, we as mothers have all gone through some type of hardship(s) whether it has been sickness, loss, depression, stress-assisting our kids through virtual learning and we all know that was not easy for both teachers and parents. This event was dedicated to you! It was inspired by my own Mom who has gone through so much over the past couple of years- two losses in my family, my dad and sister and fighting sickness herself. Yet she manages to stay strong and continues to be the glue and foundation for my family.


Happy Mother’s Day, we hope you all enjoyed this event!


Tia Mandan-TAT Fitness and Recreation

West Segment Rec Specialist