Midnight Garden:

Parshall Class of ’23 Prom

By Bryan Kindle

KMHA was on the scene for a dance that ran “smooth as butter”.

Last Saturday, April 9th, 2022,  Parshall High School’s Gymnasium was dressed up with runways and seating for the proud parents and guardians of the attendees for Midnight Garden Class of ’23 Prom.

“We don’t actually have any royalty this year. The prom is being held by the junior class, and so our junior class representatives are sort of the host and hostess for the event and they’ll be coming out first, and that’s Rainbow [Perkins] and Rikardo [Plavmyshaj].” 

 Ms. Kimberly Shirkey, Class Advisor informed us that the Juniors were the ones responsible for hosting the dance. It was interesting to hear that there would be no crowned royalty for this dance, but as Ms. Shirkey continued,  “The years that I’ve been here we haven’t had royalty, we didn’t have it last year, either… I know homecoming we usually do have homecoming royalty. So, I’m not sure, but we just didn’t do it this year.”

This is the second prom that Parshall has been able to put on since the COVID pandemic of 2020 forced a lot of schools to closed their doors, the first one being in the year of 2021.

Once the Grand March was underway the junior hosts walked down the runway first, followed by the senior class president Jadyn Sagert and her escort. Once the Junior Class Representatives and Senior Class President had walked and posed for photographs, the remaining junior and sophomore students showcased their suits and dresses. There were a few stumbles, but everyone appeared to be enjoying every minute of their time in the spotlight.                          photos by Reese