By Jacqueline Spegal

FBCE – Interim Executive Director

On Saturday, April 2nd, 2022, the New Town High School Junior Class held their Prom at 4 Bears Casino and Lodge in the Grand Ballroom. The Grand March started at 7:00 pm and Prom lasted until 11:00 pm. Meadow Haugen was elected as Sophomore Prom Princess and Phoenix Foote was elected Sophomore Prom Prince. Isley Foote was elected Junior Prom Princess and Dominick Marshall was elected Prom Prince. Lanell Mongram was elected as Prom Queen and Jacob Montreal was elected Prom King. While MHA Staff was taking photos of the Prom Royalty, the other students came up to congratulate each one. Meadow Haugen, was gracious and kind and took the time to introduce MHA Staff to all of the Prom Royalty. The school’s resource officers, who are employed by New Town Police Department, were present and ensured that the dance remained safe for all. 

After the Grand March, where students walked the town on a red carpet displaying their dapper suits and beautiful gowns, the students said goodbye to their parents and then danced the night away. For seniors, this will be their last prom with one another and a special sentiment was shared. Pride beamed from the faces of all parents attending the event and pictures were shared online by parents with their teens and their friends. All of the teens present acted courteously, friendly, and complimented one another, their parents definitely deserve to be proud of this great group of teens!

**Due to the limited time and limited space we were not able to capture everyone at the Prom. Many photos were submitted by parents and friends. We, however, would like to make it possible to share your photos on our website – So if you feel so inclined send your prom photos to:

[email protected]  – and we will try to post them on the site. 

Randy Wells  

Layout Editor – MHA Times