MHA Elders Program

Ramona Two Shields, Director of the MHA Elders Program wants everyone to be aware is that their program assists all elders that have medical appointments with travel including, trips to the Mayo Clinic and they also assist elders with dental needs, hearing aids and glasses. They help elders off or on-reservation.

Two Shields said the elder board consists of two members from each segment. They also serve as the board for the Museum in New Town.

Back: Gary Dickens, White Shield; Melvin Malnouri, Parshall; Ramona Two Shields, Treasurer, Parshall; Mikela Bacon, Mandaree; Thomas “Tooksie” Eagle, White Shield; Rosie Johnson, Mandaree; President, Gloria Fast Dog lives in New Town and represents all segments.
Board members absent: Pete Fredericks and Raven Heart, Twin ButtesJohn Danks Jr., Alvina Hall, Four Bears, June Lizotte, New Town; Jeff Fox, New Town.
Photo by Logan J.Davis