Gospel Time with Marva Celebrates 8 years on Air at KMHA Radio!

Written by Dana Chase and Lynette Pretends Eagle 

March 13th, 2022, in the KMHA Radio Station in New Town North Dakota, Gospel Time with Marva, celebrated eight years on the airwaves with prizes for the first caller every 15-30 minutes. The celebration will continue on March 27th of 2022

Every Sunday, Marva Pretends Eagle, and with her daughter, Lynette, bring faith and hope to all the listeners on the airwaves.

Marva’s inspiration to be on the radio started February 9th, 2014, when the Programs Manager, at that time, came to her and asked to start a half-hour gospel show on Sundays, she said she didn’t know how to respond to that, but she took a step-in faith, she said: “Oh yeah, okay.” She asked, “What would her show be called?” and then thought, “Well, something to do with her name Marva.” Then, “Gospel time With Marva” came to mind! With the help of her daughter, they came up with a playlist and got a show together!

Her inspiration came from her father, Elmer Rush, with the old gospel hymns, and country hymns. When Marva first started in the studio, she had a switchboard with 3 buttons. Over the years, technology changed and now the

Marva Pretends Eagle Praising Jesus
Gifts from Marvas listeners displayed every Sunday
Marva, her daughter Lynette and her son Jeriah

switchboard is twice in size with a lot of buttons!  With her daughter’s help, Marva got it down!

The show strengthened her walk with the Lord, to give hope to her world, During the Pandemic, the chairman wanted something to help the people and bring positivity during the stressful time, so the Hour of Hope show started Sundays from 6-7 pm.

Marva’s show has impacted a lot of people across Indian country, one that stuck in her heart was a little boy, the youngest listen who is 6 years, every Sunday he would tune in with his grandfather. Marva met him last year at the little shell celebration, and he was so excited to finally meet her, he recognized her voice and told her you’re on the radio! He acted like saw a rock star! Marva had a special t-shirt made for him. Marva has fans all over the world and their ages span from young children to Elders.

Another inspiration was her late son Jeriah, he gave her hope to come here every Sunday and do this show!

Marva is thankful that God gave her the gift to visit and make people laugh. She’s very thankful for the purpose of the show, being able to share the word of God and encourage and inspire.

“I have a purpose and a gift to do the work of the Lord. I’m thankful I can bring that to our people!” Said Marva. She further explained “We have been a blessing to the community” and “We are blessed to have so many listeners!” Gospel Time with Marva airs on KMHA Radio 91.3 FM in New Town, ND, and runs from 1 pm-4 pm on Sundays. You can listen over the air or through KMHARadio.org.