St. Anthony – Monthly Meditation

Come See the Power of God

by Fr. Roger A. Synek

This month’s article is going to be a little teaching and a lot of encouragement. At 6:30pm, the evening of Sunday March 27th, 2022 at the Church of St. Anthony in New Town, we are going to provide a Reservation-wide healing service for anyone who wants to see the power of God. Why do I emphasize the power of God and not healing when we call it a healing service? Because Jesus used healings and miracles as a means to show the power of God and convince people that “the Kingdom of God is at hand” (Mk 1:15). We are all aware that Jesus healed people – withered hands, crippled limbs, blind eyes, deaf ears, speechless tongues, all healed. He also drove out demons, healed the sick, cured lepers, dried up hemorrhages and even raised the dead. As people saw these marvelous happenings, it was hard for them to deny that they were witnessing the power of God. In turn, this led them to believe Jesus’ words “the Kingdom of God is at hand.” This is part of the reason why Christianity became established and is still present today. 

After two-thousand years, Christians still proclaim that the Kingdom of God is here with us now. Healings and miracles are witnessed around the world today displaying the power of God – blind people can see again, deaf people can hear again, people in wheelchairs get up and walk, patients with cancer, liver disease, scoliosis and other degenerative spinal diseases have been completely healed. People with addictions, mental health issues and brain injuries due to trauma have been healed as well. And yes, there have been some people raised from the dead. God is truly powerful. The Kingdom of God is truly present today. 

We might have the tendency to say that this only happens to other people at other places. God’s power through healings have been witnessed in our area as well. Late last year Watford City held a city-wide healing service where several people walked out of the service with at least eighty percent of their pain gone and some went home with their knees, elbows, and backs healed. 

I want you to witness the power of God through healings and miracles. I want you to experience the power of God at the healing service March 27th. Maybe you don’t think you have anything to be healed, please come anyway, and pray for those who do want to be healed. Your presence and prayers give courage to others. I am certain that if you come, God will give you something because God is never outdone in generosity. For those who are unable to attend, please pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon this healing service. I am certain that God will give you something too. 

Fr. Roger A. Synek

St. Anthony Catholic Church 

New Town/Mandaree