The Gift of Recovery and Sobriety White Shield’s 3rd Annual “Alcathon”

Story by Anne Morsette

The East Segment community of White Shield hosted its third annual “Alcathon”, which is much like a convention lined up with speakers on the subject of recovery and sobriety. The event was open to the public to “support those in recovery and those on their way”. At the old Ralph Wells Memorial Complex, visitors from Minot, Bismarck and Ft. Berthold gathered to listen and speak hope and experience to one another. Those who suffer from alcoholism or addiction are highly encouraged to attend, but also those who do not suffer are also welcomed. 

Guest speakers shared on their experience with the disease of addiction and how they got help. Recovery is achieved in many different ways. There are twelve step programs, cultural movements such as Wellbriety, and many other ways one might become clean. Speakers shared not only on how they became clean and sober, but more importantly, how they stay clean and sober. It does require a lot of time and effort for someone to stay sober, and it can be difficult at times, but it’s not impossible. The recovery community within MHA Nation is strong, and growing more and more each week. There are so many strong voices that carry the message of recovery throughout MHA. 

The Yellow Bird and White Bear family hosted lunch and dinner at the Alcathon in remembrance of their loved ones who’ve passed on; Marlon Yellow Bird and Elmer White Bear. Groups from Minot and Bismarck travelled to spend the day in White Shield also. Alumni from Good Road Recovery Center and Hope Manor sober living also shared their stories of hope with everyone. It was a great day to recharge on fellowship and hope through listening and sharing.