Private Olivia Malone Wilkinson is the 12th Marine to claim that title in the past 3 generations. Olivia is Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara. Olivia belongs to the WaterBuster Clan of the Hidatsa. Olivia was given her Hidatsa name Owl Knife by her grandfather Howard Wilkinson (a decorated Marine serving during Vietnam). She is a direct descendant of Bloody Knife an Arikara Indian Scout for US Army. Olivia proudly follows her 3 grandfathers Willian Wilkinson, Dean Wilkinson and Howard Wilkinson Sr., her grandmother Gloria Wilkinson, her aunt Della Wilkinson, her uncles Douglas Wilkinson, Cedrick Wilkinson Sr., William Wilkinson, Louie Wilkinson, her sisters Ella Wilkinson, and Serene Wilkinson. 
Ella and Serene are currently active duty and are stationed in California. 
Olivia had attained the medal of Rifle Expert in the 2nd phase. She graduated with the first integrated Kilo company.