Chairman Fox Celebrates the 246th United States Marine Corp Birthday

By Tyler White

On November 10th, 2021, Chairman Fox and nearly one hundred of our local Marines celebrated the 246th Marine Corps birthday at the 4 Bears Casino and Lodge with a well-deserved surf and turf meal in The Bison Room. Many attendees shared their name, rank, where they served, and also some stories and many laughs. Each and every Marine was fed well, acknowledged properly, and gifted with a $200 gift card. All of the Marines were in their element while among their brothers and you could feel the comradery in the air. 

Cor Hopkins started the festivities with a prayer and Chairman Fox gifted him with a Pendleton blanket.

Also honored was the late Alejandro “A.J” Moreno, a great soldier and an even better son, brother, uncle, and friend. Chairman Fox gifted his mother and family a satin star quilt and spoke about A.J.’s many great accomplishments.

The Dakota Leathernecks were invited and sent four Marines to share in the celebration and Chairman Fox made a donation to their organization on behalf of the MHA Nation. They were happy to have had the opportunity to spend some time with our local Marines and we were honored to have them.

The tradition of the oldest Marine and the youngest Marine cutting the cake was observed as well.

After everyone ate, Chairman Fox, also a proud Marine, reminded the crowd that he will always hold the values of the USMC and that he looks forward to next year.

Chairman Fox presenting a Marine Corp satin star quilt to Katherine White Bear-Rush, the late AJ Moreno’s mother.