St. Anthony – Monthly Meditation


by Deacon Dan Barone

The title of this article leaves a little to be desired, would you agree?  Well then…an explanation is in order.  Do you know that every state in these “United States of America” has a nickname?  A nickname, being a short description of what each state wants to be known for.  Here are just a few examples.  The nickname of our state of North Dakota is the “Peace Garden” state.  The nickname of our neighboring state of South Dakota is “Mount Rushmore” state.  The nickname of the state of Montana is the “Treasure” state.  You can find all the nicknames for all the states displayed on the vehicle license plates issued by each state.  Or a much quicker way would be to look them up online (I know…right?).  One of the states’ nicknames interests me more than any of the others.  Which state?  Of course…Missouri.  The nickname of the state of Missouri is the “Show Me” state.  That nickname is very interesting to me because it makes me wonder just what it is that anyone not from Missouri, is supposed to show them.  I imagine the only way to find out what the meaning of “Show Me” is, would be to ask someone that is from Missouri.  Makes sense…right?

There are other situations when the phrase “show me” is used.  Usually, this “show me” is used for the purpose of demanding a response from another person…a challenge sort of, to prove that what they are saying is indeed true.  This type of “show me” puts restrictions on the trust and patience of anyone involved in the situation.  Then, when the “show me” isn’t produced; relationships suffer.  This is most relevant in the relationships that exist between Christians and God.  Why is that??  Well, if you happen to be a Christian and your faith allows you to believe in the existence of God the Father and in His Son Jesus and in the Holy Spirit, then you most likely have experienced a “show me” moment.  Either personally or by association with another person.  Situations happen in our lives that we have no control over.  Financial issues, family issues, health issues, and many more issues that are larger than life.   So… we turn to God the Father for help.  After all, He tells us in His words of scripture that He will help if we but just ask for help.  But when the help doesn’t arrive in a timely manner…then what??  That is when we become a member of the “show me” club.  That is when our relationship with God suffers.  It does not have to be so.  Yes, God does say in His scripture words that He will help us when we ask for help but realize that the help may not happen within the timeframe that we want it to.  Be persistent in asking for His help, be prudent, be sincere, be patient.  Be open to any manner of help that He will provide.  God will “show you” His help in His time.

 Deacon Dan BaroneSt. Anthony 

St. Anthony Catholic Church 

New Town/Mandaree