KMHA Radio says Goodbye to Catharsis

By: Jacqueline Hayward Spegal

Thursday, October 21st, 2021, was Will Maguire’s last day at Fort Berthold Communication Enterprises (consisting of KMHA Radio 913. FM and MHA Times.) You may know him as the radio personality Catharsis, but he was also the Program Manager of the station and filled in with Engineering tasks. He left the station to relocate to Montana with his wife Marisa and two sons. To bid farewell, and show their appreciation to Maguire, the staff of KMHA Radio and MHA Times hosted a goodbye potluck on Friday, October 15th, 2021. On Thursday, October 21st, 2021, the Board of Directors of Fort Berthold Communication Enterprises (FBCE) also offered a Star Quilt to show their appreciation for all of Maguire’s hard work. The entire FBCE team will greatly miss Maguire, he will always be welcome back to visit, and they wish him and his family the best luck on their new adventure! His final quote to listeners is “In a world full of filters… be unfiltered.” -Catharsis

FBCE Board of Directors’ Start Quilt to Will Maguire; Pictured: Will Maguire
Photo Credit: Jacqueline Hayward Spegal
FBCE Team Farewell Potluck for Will Maguire; Pictured (Left to Right) Jacqueline Hayward Spegal, Marva Pretends Eagle, Dana Chase, Bryan Reese Kindle, Shelbe Bearstail, Anne Moresette, Lynette Pretends Eagle, Will Maguire, Larry Zieman
Photo Credit: Bill Mendoza