Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

Story and Photos by Anne Morsette

Every year, the CHR program hosts a breast cancer awareness walk in the month of October to raise awareness and also honor those who have suffered from the disease. This year’s walk was hosted in conjunction with Four Bears segment. The awareness walk took place on Tuesday October 19th, beginning on the west side of the Four Bears Bridge. Although it was a chilly, windy day, the walk still went on across Four Bears Bridge and back. CHR staff Esther Baca commented, “it never fails, it is usually always cold on the day of our walk. But we still do it anyway”.

Around 30 people gathered at the walk around 11 in the morning. Some walked to honor loved ones who suffered from breast cancer, some walked to remember loved ones who lost their battle with breast cancer, and some were survivors. Kelly McGrady, a survivor, had everyone in the crown count from one to eight, to show the statistic of one in eight people will be affected by breast cancer. She also pointed out that it doesn’t just affect women; it also affects men just as equally too. We all have breast tissue, so the disease is not more dominant in one sex.

CHR staff reminded everyone of the importance of getting your yearly mammograms done. Elbowoods Memorial Healthcare Center has staff available to do mammograms regularly. It is encouraged to get one done every year, or schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider if you notice any bumps or discolorations.

The walk was led across the bridge by survivors wrapped in a beautiful pink star quilt gifted to them by the CHR Program to honor them. Cars honked to show support along the way. People of all ages participated in the walk. Some carried handmade signs. Although it was very windy and cold on the bridge, almost all of the walkers persevered and made it across the bridge and back. Alexa Baca, CHR Staff commented, “even though its cold, I’m going to do the whole walk. The way I see it, people with breast cancer can’t help that they have it, so I’m going to walk in this cold weather for them”. That determination helped her, and many others, brave the 20 mph winds to show support and raise awareness on breast cancer.

After the walk was completed, everyone gathered under the old Four Bears Bridge monuments for some door prizes and a light lunch. Free shirts with breast cancer awareness logos on them were given to everyone. This walk has been an annual event and will continue to be hosted by the CHR Program. It is always held in the month of October, being that it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.