Story and photos by Anne Morsette

Local ranchers Delvin and Marvin Driver hosted their first bronc riding event in two years. It was a reduced size family event held in New Town on Wednesday September 8th at the New Town Rodeo Arena. The buck out contest featured a purse of $2,700. The Driver brothers usually host such an event on a yearly basis, however COVID put a halt on some of their plans. In order to promote health and wellness, this event was reduced in size as well. The pair provides horses and bulls for rodeo producers as well. 

Both Devlin and Marvin Driver and their families are local and well known within MHA Nation. The brothers grew up riding along with their brothers and their father James Driver. It’s been a family tradition of theirs that they are following and keeping alive. They have hopes to honor Fort Berthold riders in a big event, such as a memorial rodeo. However, these plans are not yet set in stone. The Drivers work a lot with the community in more ways than one. They provide support to the Healing Horse ranch in teaching youth about horsemanship skills. 

The event went well, with a close-knit audience of friends and family present along with local ambulatory services. A light lunch was available as well. The rides went great! The family spent Labor Day weekend trying to round up horses on their massive land area south of New Town in Shell Creek area. Under one hundred horses were rounded up the best bucking broncs were furthermore separated for the Driver Ranch’s rodeo. 

4th Place Tyrus Ashley (68 pts)

3rd Quint Stroh (68 pts) both tied and split evenly

2nd Parker Kramer (79 pts)

1st Phillip Whiteman (84 pts)

The winners won bragging rights and some spending money up to $1000. Everyone was safe and no injuries were reported. It was a rather quick and exciting event. MHA Times looks forward to any upcoming future rodeos the Drivers may host in the future.