Skills Camp for Parents in Parshall

MHA Infant and Toddler Program Getting Out in the Community to Share Information and Services 

By Logan J. Davis

The MHA Infant and Toddler Program was in Parshall last week as part of their on-going Skills Camp, a program that promotes growth and development of young children. The staff was busy making fresh buttered popcorn on Wednesday for the parents and some fortunate toddlers that are old enough to consume popcorn. 

Kim Dickens is the director for the MHA Infant and Toddler Program and is happy she has taken on the leadership role to implement the mission of the program. Dickens hold a masters degree in Early Childhood from the University of North Dakota. She taught for 13 years in the White Shield Elementary School and now for last three years, Dickens has focused on early intervention and prevention. 

“We focus on milestones,” said Dickens. “We screen to have an idea where the child is at and we provide services if needed. Those services can be partnering with Red Door, a speech and language development program that also provides counseling. That is one of many programs we partner with. What we do is to help the parent set up services and we reimburse the parents for travel to these appointments to get those services.”

The MHA Infant and Toddler Program has 11 highly-trained staff members throughout the MHA Nation. Early Intervention Specialists work in each segment to carry out the program’s goals on a daily basis. The program does monthly meetings to make certain the staff is meeting their goals and keeping track of the children in the program. 

“The program was in Parshall last week, but the Skills Camp is also being held in Mandaree, Twin Buttes, White Shield, and Four Bears. We have positions open in Parshall, New Town and Four Bears for Early Intervention Specialists. For more information, any interested individuals can pick up their application in Human Resources at MHA Nation Headquarters,” concluded Dickens.