Little Braves Up and Running

New Parshall Day Care Facility is a New Place of Exploration for Youngsters

The first day was a welcoming time and Little Braves Day Care staff began their busy and fun day with the kids

By Logan J. Davis

The first official day of operation was an exciting time for all the children who attend the new Little Braves Day Care in Parshall. The smiles on the faces of the wide-eyed children the moment they walked in that first morning told the tale of how excited they all were. 

 The spacious child care facility is located in the Wild Horse Addition that is the development area northwest of town. Janice St. Claire is the director of the Little Braves Day Care and after many years at the old facility in town, the new location is just one of many great assets that make the facility a top-notch child care center.  

The first day of the official opening of Little Braves Day Care was exciting for the children and staff members
The playground at Little Braves Day Care is a fun place for all the children

“We are just now getting our enrollment and revamping our daily schedule. We just want to do what is conducive to each child and adapt to each of their needs. The kids really want to explore all over the facility and it’s a great new experience for them and every one of them remain excited every day. There is always something new for them to do,” St. Claire stated.

The importance of the new facility and dedicated staff together make for a perfect combination and assures parents that their children are being taken care of in the best way possible. There is plenty of room to play and learn for the children who attend Little Braves Day Care. The staff is trained and they enjoy providing proper care, nutrition and all the elements of quality child care for the children.

The design of the building is to provide a safe environment and space to have areas for different age groups and activities. One of the favorite places for the children is the great new outdoor playground with slides, swings and monkey bars. All of the facility design considers the children and their care. The building is secure and safe and a place where the children can play and take part in a wide variety of activities. The facility accepts children from 8 months to elementary age.

St. Claire noted that there are children coming from Minot, Mandaree, Bismarck and White Shield, as well as the surrounding area of Parshall.