Building Blocks for a Better Community

(Story and Photos by Anne Morsette-KMHA Station MGR)

The newly appointed administration of Councilwoman Sherry Turney-Lonefight has taken the initiative to build together as a team to better serve the West Segment community. Special guest speakers Chance Rush, Levi Horn, and Kasey Nicholoson visited Mandaree for a two-day seminar aimed at promoting individual wellness and improve overall productivity. The event was organized by West Segment Chief of Staff Kevin Finley. 

West segment staff participated in the workshop in two separate groups. It was an interactive and fun environment to learn in. The workshop’s goal was to promote employee and company growth by encouraging interpersonal development on an individual basis. Sometimes unlearning unhealthy and detrimental habits can be hard, but Rush, Horn, and Nicholson did a wonderful job of revealing these in a healthy way. Kasey said, “I envision success for these people and to make the job force better for their community.” 

Kasey Nicholson is a comedian and motivational speaker from Ft. Belknap. He has a passion for uplifting people; “I want to help my people heal through laughter and teachings, and reiterate what’s been taught to me.” Nicholson has been all over North America doing public speaking engagements. Levi Horn is a former NFL player for the Chicago Bears team. He also is a motivational speaker and a licensed drug and alcohol counselor. Horn is a descendant of the Fox family. The Mandaree Professional Development workshop was Horn’s fourth time visiting Mandaree. Horn said he has chosen to be a motivational speaker because, “we owe ourselves to have a dream; and failure is okay on our journey.” Chance Rush is from MHA and does various public speaking engagements as well. The trio travels together when they can. Their schedules allowed for them to collaborate in Mandaree last week.

Special guests Chance Rush, Levi Horn, and Kasey Nicholoson visited West Segment to provide the newly elected Councilwoman Turner-Lonefight Administration with a two day Professional Development Class to boost work morale and promote wellness for the betterment of the community. 
Former NFL Chicago Bears player Levi Horn has spoken at schools and football camps to motivate and help share his skillset. 
Kasey Nicholson digs deep into core issues to encourage interpersonal development.