Taking Good Care of our Future

New Little Braves Day Care Impresses All at Grand Opening in Parshall

By Logan J. Davis

A big day for the little ones of Northeast Segment occurred last week with the grand opening of the new Little Braves Day Care. It was a big day for the entire community and is a welcome addition to the Parshall/Lucky Mound residents and families. The event was memorable with tribal leaders and community leaders speaking prior to the ribbon cutting. The new day care facility is a part of the Wild Horse Addition on the northwest edge of Parshall. 

There was a group of children in attendance who were wide-eyed as they entered the spacious day care facility. It is an impressive place for any person of any age. The Little Braves Day Care has many amenities for the children who will be cared for by the highly trained childcare professionals on staff. Director Janice St. Claire was as excited as the youngsters were the day of the grand opening. She is looking forward to seeing the quality care that she and her capable staff will be providing in a safe and friendly environment. The benefits and importance of childcare cannot be overstated, and day care facilities are an integral part of any community. 

Day Care students, staff and community elders listened to speakers at the Little Braves Day Care Grand Opening
The little ones made their entrance at the Little Braves Day Care Grand Opening in Parshall last week
Three of the Northeast Segmentlittle ones wait for the lunch that was served at the Little Braves Day Care Grand Opening

Speakers at the event were Northeast Segment Councilman Mervin Packineau, Tribal Chairman Mark Fox, Special Projects Specialist Karen Rabbithead, Northeast Segment Community Development Board members Jim Foote, Pem Hall and Iva Gillies. Also in attendance were St. Claire and the staff of Little Braves Day Care and Bandy Poitra, Northeast Segment Project Manager.

Councilman Packineau stated that the new facility provides safety and comfort and was a need for the Northeast Segment community. He is grateful for the work that segment staff members did to keep the project moving forward. Councilman Packineau also thanked the Northeast Community Development Board for faithfully conducting their monthly meetings even in the face of the pandemic over the past year and keeping the community informed.

A happy mom with her handsome and smart child at the Little Braves Grand Opening

Chairman Fox praised the Northeast Segment leadership and the community for the projects that are completed and taking shape. Chairman Fox said there are many words said, but it takes action to make things possible and Councilman Packineau is a “man of action.”

“We outgrew the old daycare and that is the reason we had to build this new one to update it for our growing community and get people here. The children we see here today are the future and we want them to have a safe place to be cared for,” said Councilman Packineau.

Jim Foote appreciated the words of Councilman Packineau and noted that the community development board is proud of the results of their efforts. The day care is special to each of the board members, he noted.

“These young ones are going to be our future doctors, nurses, teacher and even our engineers like Pem Hall, who is on our board, so we have to take care of our future,” said Foote.

Gillies and Hall both reiterated the importance of all the people who worked on the project in their gracious recognition of each individual and entity that brought the project to a reality.

Rabbithead said she enjoyed watching the children come into the facility and the looks of amazement on their faces.

“There is so much more space and a better location with a high security system and a playground outside. It is a very roomy facility and makes it nice for the kids,” said Rabbithead.

Rolac Inc. was the prime contractor for the day care project.