Fort Berthold Diabetes Program

It’s a Celebration!

By Gwendolyn Davis, RN – Case Manager 


Birthday month reminders have returned to the Fort Berthold Diabetes Program! Look out for your reminder in the mail when your birthday month rolls around.  These memos will have important phone numbers to call to get scheduled for appointments, as well as a checklist for keeping track of completed/needed/upcoming exams and appointments. 

It is a good idea to get in the habit of scheduling appointments at the same time each year, so they do not get forgotten in the chaos of our everyday lives.  A great starting point, is to schedule appointments during your birthday month, as this is an important milestone that comes around at the same time each year.  Also, it may be possible to schedule more than one appointment on the same day, such as a health care provider visit and an eye exam, so there is one less appointment to remember and less days taken away from work or other everyday duties.  If you are not able to make it to an appointment, please call either the diabetes program or the clinic that made the appointment, so that we can get you rescheduled for a day and time that better fits your schedule. 

If you have recently relocated to a new residence or have a new post office box number, please update your address with the registration desk at your next appointment to ensure your reminder and other important communications reach you. 


Healthcare provider visit with hemoglobin A1C test 

  • Every 3 months, or as recommended by provider

Dilated eye exam 

  • Yearly. If you receive exams outside of Elbowoods, please have your eye doctor’s office send confirmation of exam date to Elbowoods clinic: 1058 College Drive, New Town 58763 or fax (701)627-2817. 

Comprehensive foot exam 

  • At least yearly, patients with high risk foot problems should be screened more often.
  • Be sure to report any new redness, blisters or calluses to your provider as soon as possible. 
  • Before your health care provider comes in to see you, remove shoes and socks so they can assess your foot health.

Dental exam 

  • Yearly. Cleanings may be required at more frequent intervals, such as every 6 months.

Nutrition/fitness/diabetes education 

  • Yearly.
  • Diabetes clinics are held each month (Twin Buttes every other month) at Elbowoods and field clinics at which you will receive nutrition education from Celeste Hart, RD, LRD, CDE, have a chance to speak to your provider about your diabetes care and the RN Case Manager can help you schedule needed appointments such as diabetic eye exams, shoe clinic, provider visits and/or mammograms. 
    • White Shield – 1st Thursday of each month 
    • Elbowoods (Dr. Lee) – 2nd Thursday of each month 
    • Elbowoods (Connie Ebach, NP) – 4th Thursday of each month 
    • Parshall – 2nd Tuesday of each month 
    • Mandaree – 3rd Tuesday of each month 
    • Twin Buttes – 4th Tuesday every other month (Sometimes the 3rd Thursday)  

        *Please call the Diabetes Program at (701)627-7931 to schedule an appointment.*


  • Yearly flu vaccination  
  • Shingrix (Shingles) – Adults age 50+ 
  • Pneumococcal vaccination (Pneumonia) 
  • Tetanus 
  • Hepatitis B 


  • Quarterly A1C with fasting cholesterol labs yearly.


  • Every 2 years starting at age 40  

Diabetes Program shoe clinic 

  • Diabetes Program registry patients receive a FREE pair of shoes every 18 months. Clinics are held every 3rd Wednesday of each month (tentatively) in which Key Care comes from Minot to fit patients for comfortable shoes. Many styles available!   

       *Please call the Diabetes Program at (701)627-7931 to schedule an appointment.*

To make an appointment or for assistance with diabetes management/nutrition, please call the Diabetes Program at 701-627-7931.  We look forward to hearing from you!