Legislative Update

Terry B. Jones

District 4 Representative

Hello from New Town,

Decompressing.  What a thrill it is to get back to normal work.  I already have blisters, scrapes, and cuts on my hands. It feels good to be out in the beautiful spring weather doing productive things.

I have been in contact with some people in Arizona that are working on the 2020 elections audit.  If they find they sent the wrong electors to Washington DC I hope to share the resolution we drafted here in ND to help remedy the election situation. 

There seems to be a large kickback across the country against the critical race theory propaganda that is being introduced in our education system.  I am glad to see all the articles about schools getting rid of this caustic doctrine.  Critical race theory is nothing but racism on steroids designed to divide us.

I am getting a lot of positive feedback from some of the bills we passed in the 67th legislature.  Some of our local schools are already working on Native American History information to be included the history curriculum of North Dakota Schools.  

If you have any ideas on things you would like us to work on during the interim or for the next legislative session please contact me so we can work together to develop them.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Have a great and safe summer.

Terry B Jones 701.627.3397

[email protected]