Fort Berthold Diabetes Program

Workout rants from the desk of Sir Zachary Stewart

By Zachary Stewart- Fitness Specialist/king of Diabetes


Hello there MHA nation. It is that time of the ”what ever” again for your boy Zachary to do his article required by diabetes subsection 8 under Jared’s law. So, since we had an exodus of staff leaving us high and dry, I won’t get to go over the cool stuff like I usually do. I will be left to write about random stuff about the gym, like etiquette during Covid19, some mistakes people make at the gym and jazz like that.

There’s always that one person at the gym who seems hell-bent on ruining your workout. He’s breathing down your neck as he waits for you to finish using the treadmill. She keeps dropping her weights on the floor and doesn’t put them back on the rack. But has it ever occurred to you that you too could be the guilty party from time to time? When we share a space as intimate and crowded as the gym, it’s easy to forget that the seemingly obviously rules of etiquette apply to us all. Here are a few reminders and tips on how to not be that guy or gal.

 Let’s start with the first knock against the bro code, wiping down your equipment. You might think no one saw you walk away from the treadmill without wiping off your sweat, but think again. He or she has probably been shooting quick glances at you to see if you’ve finished so that they can begin, which means your lack of hygiene didn’t go unnoticed. Performing this common courtesy will take you two minutes, honestly not even that if you’re quick like me. But this will help others avoid infections and prevent you from gaining a rep as someone who’s gross.

Now we move on into one even I did when I was a young lad, keep your grunting to a minimum. It’s natural to be a little vocal when you’re exerting yourself physically, but there’s no need to let out a full-on war cry when you’re lifting weights in a room full of others(not that sacred a war cry). Bellowing as you work out distracts other people from their own routine, even if they’re wearing headphones. If you absolutely cannot live without the combination of primal-scream therapy and exercise, save it for the workouts you do at home.

This next one is one that straight grinds my gears, makes me want to RKO people(jk). Don’t hog the equipment if you’re not actually using it. Going to the gym with a friend is a great motivator, but don’t just sit next to each other on the rowing machines and chat. Other people who actually want to use the machines are waiting for you to move. Hogging machinery at the gym is even more obnoxious during peak times like early evening, when many people are getting off of work. If you want to catch up with your BFF, go grab some dinner.

Now we will roll into tips on visiting our gym. Attend during off-peak times, yes this is true, but if you think about it there really is no peak time with us we only see like five people a day, so come on over. Make sure you wear a face mask and stay 6 feet apart from others. This is one that a lot of people have been complaining about in our gym, im the only guy here and if I have to hear any more about the topic I’m just gunna jump into oncoming traffic so please people help me out and wear your mask. I don’t care if your running, doing yoga, squatting 500 pounds, or going to the restroom wear your mask in my gym. I know it’s not comfortable but let’s get through this together, like a little team. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after exercising. This is just common sense, you don’t want to get sick so keep it clean. Avoid giving high-fives or doing elbow bumps with others. I know it’s excited to rep it out in the gym but for reals just don’t do it.

TEMPERATURE CHECKS AT DOOR. Upon arrival at the front desk, I have my temperature checked via facial thermometer. This is a screening step that is taken for every single individual who enters the gym, to check for increased body temperature (a symptom of COVID-19). MINIMAL HUMAN CONTACT AT CHECK-IN. Additionally, the front desk has a window that provides a barrier for the workers from the members checking in, and don’t worry because we all wear masks to protect ya. So to wrap this bad boy up just go ahead and come over and enjoy our nice and empty gym, but if you do, please follow all of our rules. Have a wonderful day.