White Shield Warriors Make One Last Venture as a Team

Left to right: Alex Foote, Bryant Wells, Wambdi LaCroix, Carson Calhoun, Jesse White, Jase Dickens, Oscar Felix, Daryn White, Kayden Nourqay, Coach Sheldon Rush, and Sheldon Rush Jr.

Written by Anne Morsette (KMHA Station MGR)

Photos submitted by Sheldon Rush (TAT Athletic Director White Shield)

The White Shield Warriors have had a memorable and historic year both on and off the court. The 2020-2021 basketball season ended with the Warriors advancing into region finals, which is the furthest White Shield has made it in its basketball history. Hard work definitely pays off, and for this group of young men, they were incentivized with a trip of their choosing to reward them for their dedication to academics and extra-curricular activities.   


The group arrived early to the NBA Basketball game. Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets

Every year, Arikara Fitness and Recreation will take exceptional students, athletes, and community members on a trip to celebrate their achievements. This year, athletic director Sheldon Rush, took the White Shield Warriors basketball team on a trip to Wisconsin. The trip also included Anthony Felix, who works security in White Shield and also drove the bus; Ranie White, who organized the trip and helped chaperone; Sheldon Rush Jr, who is the team mascot and energy specialist; and the team cutie Marcianna Dawn Rush. Coach Sheldon Rush commented, “the purpose of these trips is to give the students experience off the reservation. They have the chance to learn time management, money management, planning and coordination skills. This trip shows them how to walk in the real world.”

The incentive trip took off Friday April 30 from White Shield. A school bus and community van transported everyone to their destination. They stayed at Wisconsin Dells for the weekend. Everyone spent time together as a team touring the area, riding in duck water boats, and visiting the local lake. The big event for everyone was attending the Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets NBA basketball game on Saturday May 1 at the Fiserv Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The White Shield Warriors were special guests of the Milwaukee Bucks team; however, the Warriors had the privilege of also meeting the opposing Brooklyn Nets team. After the basketball game (Nets 114 – 117 Bucks), NBA Nets player Kyrie Irving visited the White Shield Warriors off court. Irving signed the shoes he wore during the game and gifted them to 2021 North Dakota Mr. Basketball Jesse White. The whole interaction was caught on video via personal cellphones and social media. Rush has said that Kyrie Irving is related to Anthony Felix and his son/student Oscar Felix. After the game, the team and chaperones made their way home Sunday, but made stops along the way in Minnesota and Mall of America.


NBA Nets basketball player Kyrie Irving took off his game shoes from the Bucks vs Nets game on Saturday to personally sign and gift them to Jesse White. 
Kyrie Irving, guard for the Brooklyn Nets, signs autographs for the Warriors in attendance of the Nets vs Bucks Game in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Irving is also a lineal descendant of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
Kyrie Irving signing autographs and greeting the White Shield Warriors, who were guests of the Milwaukee Bucks team.

The trip was an unforgettable experience for everyone who got to partake in it. This will be the last time these young men will spend time together as student athletes of the White Shield Warriors team. Three of the twelve players are seniors and will be graduating this spring. This trip, along with graduation, signifies an end to a wonderful year and remarkable high school career. The memories they have all made will carry them on to new adventures as young adults.    The following are thoughts on the trip from senior students and some of their chaperones.    Daryn White: “The trip was a great experience; to get out of the state and explore what’s out there. There’s so much more to do and see when travelling to bigger cities. It was also great to see Kyrie Irving and having him recognize the Native American community.” Carson Calhoun: “The trip was an awesome opportunity and a once-in-a-lifetime trip. From meeting Kyrie Irving, himself to seeing sharks in the aquarium at the Mall of America; I am extremely grateful for the leaders and generous people of our community that made this trip possible. I love spending time with my brothers and hope to do another trip like this again, soon!” Jesse White: “Lot of fun, I enjoyed the time with my brothers (teammates), and my family. [It] was a much-needed getaway. First weekend in a long time I did not play in a tournament. My body needed this. It was a great experience to be in the big city and recharge, refresh, and reflect!” Katherine (KK) White (Chaperone/Bismarck Mystic Student/Athlete): “The trip was great. I got to be around my family; I haven’t in a while because of college. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It relieves stress off of finals, which are coming up. All in all, it was a great experience that I’ll never forget!”

The team would like to thank the parents, fans, and community for their outpouring support through it all. From basketball season, to academics, to this trip, the support has been there for it all. Ranie White along with the families helped organize the two bingo fundraisers which accumulated over $6,000 in funds. Councilman Fred Fox also gave monetary contributions for each student. Coach and athletic director Sheldon Rush said, “without the support from the parents and community, this trip wouldn’t have been possible. I am so very proud of the great things we accomplish when we work together as a community and family to give our youth the best experiences possible. Warrior pride! Also, I’d like to give a big shout out to the boys’ basketball team for bringing positivity and great energy to the community of White Shield. Shout our to Mr. Basketball Jesse White, a living legend!” KMHA and MHA Times would also like to congratulate the students and wish them well on all their future endeavors.

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