Mandaree Emergency Response Center Grand Opening

Emergency Responders

By Shelbe Bearstail

The opening of the new emergency response center took place on March 23rd 2021 and started at 11 am. The building is located in the heart of Mandaree ND and was an essential need for the community. 

Upon walking into the building there were rows of chairs set up towards the front of the room and tables and chairs set up in the back. The table toppers were cute little toy fire trucks and fireman hats. Speakers filled the room with heartfelt stories of what it took to get to where they are at today. This was indeed a community effort and everyone that helped get things to where they are at now has paved the way for future emergency response efforts.

The agenda was as follows:

The MC was Kevin Finley

Flag Raising- American Legion Post 271- Mandaree Singers

Opening Prayer- Lyda Bearstail

History of Mandaree Fire Department-Fire Chief Marle Baker

History of Mandaree Emergency Medical Services- Dr. Benji Kitigawa

TAT Chairman- Mark Fox 

TAT Mandaree segment Councilwoman- Gladys Sherry Turner Lonefight

ND State Representative-Ruth Buffalo

TAT Emergency Operations Center Director- Emily Sitting Bear

McKenzie County Emergency Manager-Karolin Jappe 

Dunn County Emergency Manager-Denise Brew

Mandaree Fire Protect District Board President-Kelli Bradfield

Mandaree Community Board President- Lisa DeVille

Special Guest- Robert Franzen

Robert Franzen was a victim of a car accident back in 2019 he was driving back from Watford City; he went on an S curve and was hit head on by a semi. Franzen suffered serious injuries from his head down to his ankles. He then went on to explain about how grateful he is to the Mandaree ambulance for showing up to the scene. Watford City was too far, New Town was too far, Killdeer was too far. When he caught wind of the plan to build an Emergency Response Center in Mandaree he graciously donated $50,000 towards the project because they saved his life.

Speakers lasted until a little after 12pm and a delicious homemade meal was served to guests by the staff. 

All in all, this day will forever mark history in new beginnings for the community of Mandaree and surrounding areas. Also, there is a need for monetary donations towards the new high school that is being built in Mandaree, contact Councilwoman Gladys Sherry Turner Lonefight’s office if you would like to donate towards the new high school to benefit the children. 

American Legion Post 271
Mary Fredericks and Chairman Mark Fox
Fire Chief Marle Baker
Councilwoman Gladys Sherry Turner Lonefight
Three Affiliated Tribes Emergency Operations Center Director- Emily Sitting Bear
Dr. Benji Kitigawa
ND State Representative- Ruth Buffalo
Special Guest: Robert Franzen