Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover

Annual Leprechaun Dash and Perfect Spring Day in Parshall Attracts Over 100 Participants

Some of the many young and older participants who finished the Leprechaun Dash on Saturday in Parshall

By Logan J. Davis

St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated last week and that was extended to Saturday with the Parshall Lucky Mound Leprechaun Dash. With a perfect first day of Spring to also celebrate that day, the participants enjoyed what was a two-fold celebration of an old Irish fun holiday and the spring equinox at the same time. 

Coordinated by Northeast Segment Recreation and Fitness Specialist Cheyannae Hart, the first walk/run since the COVID pandemic took hold in the community, it was appreciated by the ones who came out to do either a 5k or the one mile walk/run. Hart could see how excited the youngsters were who lined up to start the Leprechaun Dash that afternoon. Although Hart performed most of the duties, she appreciated the was helped by her fellow Northeast Segment Recreation and Fitness Specialist Mel Four Bear. 

The outdoor event took place at the usual place that walk/runs are held which is at the Northeast Segment  Veterans Memorial Hall (Red Hall) in Parshall. There were 50 individuals who registered online and did their 5K or mile walk/run virtually and there were 28 who showed up for the event physically. The ones who did make it last Saturday afternoon were very pleased that they were able to get outside and be a part of a very successful event sponsored by Northeast Segment. Social distancing guidelines were in place and masks were used when in the building. Once the starting gun sounded, the 28 participants were off and running or walking. Most ran and there was a participant from Standing Rock, Kenneth Starr, who ran the 5K in approximately 27 minutes. Most of the participants were local residents of Parshall and avid fitness enthusiasts and several youngsters just out to have fun. 

The 28 people did their registration in the elders room at the Red Hall and immediately went outside to wait for the beginning of the event. After each participant completed their walk/run, they received medals, shirts, gloves, specially-designed masks, pom beanies, along with a tasty and nutritious boxed breakfast meal that was catered by Miriam Fixico. The meal was a breakfast burrito and a side dish of breakfast fare that really hit the spot. 

The event was a great way for people to get their spring fitness program kicked off and to be a part of a healthy event in the community. Ben and Darlene Halfe came all the way from Standing Rock and the seventy-something couple love going to walk/runs all over the country and when they heard about the Parshall Lucky Mound Leprechaun Dash, they jumped at the chance to participate in it. They were happy to drive out to Parshall and be a part of the event because they value their health and in their past years were both avid runners. Ben Halfe won the state championship in cross country four years in a row and local Parshall High School track coach Michelle Hoff of Parshall was also a champion when she were in high school. Events like the Leprechaun Dash are put on to inspire people to stay fit and healthy while having a fun time. That was accomplished last Saturday in Parshall.

Two friends were in friendly competition at Parshall in the Leprchaun Dash sponsored by Northeast Segment Recreation and Fitness Program
It was a beautiful first day of Spring and it attracted student athletes to the Parshall Lucky Mound Leprechaun Dash
This young speedster got a Leprechaun Dash shirt after he finished with a shirt he earned over the Thanksgiving holiday for the Turkey Trot last November
Two young ladies representing MHA Drug Enforcement did their 5 kilometers together in stride at the Leprechaun Dash in Parshall
Amilliana Hislaw urges Finley Blake to cross the finish line at the Parshall Lucky Mound Leprechaun Dash on Saturday
Shelby FourBear and son Shann FourBear at the starting line with Ben and Darlene Halfe were eager to get exercise and fresh air