Irene E. Stevenson 

(“Sacred Lodge”)

April 6, 1951 – January 20, 2021

I’ll Never Be Lonely Again
By Audrey Meier

Lonely days and lonely nights, Filled with despair, Caused me to long for Someone to care;
Then I heard Christ say to me;
“This promise I’ve made: Lo! I am with you Now and forever, Be not afraid.”

I’ll never be lonely again, Never again, For I have opened My heart’s door to Him.
So I’ll brush away the tears And forget my Foolish fears I’ll never be lonely again, Never again.

If you’re longing for a friend, Loving and true, Turn to the Savior He waits for you;
He will do the same for you As He did for me; He’ll never leave you, Never forsake you,
Trust Him and see.

I’ll never be lonely again, Never again, For I have opened My heart’s door to Him.
So I’ll brush away the tears And forget my Foolish fears I’ll never be lonely again, Never again.
I’ll never be lonely again, Never again,

For I have opened My heart’s door to Him. So I’ll brush away the tears And forget my Foolish fears
I’ll never be lonely again, Never again. I’ll never be lonely again, Never again.

Indian Name:  

“Sacred Lodge” (Ashe baaxpee) Crow Indian Name given by her maternal 

Uncle Elis “Rabbit” Knows Gun.

“Buffalo Changes Hair in the Season” (Naak’siidi) Hidatsa Indian Name given by her great grandfather Adlai Stevenson.

Irene Stevenson went home to the ‘Other Side Camp” on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 in Hardin, Montana with her family by her side.

Irene was born April 6, 1951 in Old Sahnish that is now under the water near New Town, North Dakota.

Viewing & Wake Service will be on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Viewing at Bullis Mortuary 10 am-3 pm

Move from Bullis Mortuary to her home in Hardin MT for Wake Services 3-4pm

Wake (all night) *Immediate Family Only

Rosary at 6pm

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Funeral & Catholic Service at 11am at the House of Hope Indian Mission 605 W Custer Ave Hardin MT

Burial will be at Lodge Grass Cemetery, Lodge Grass, MT

Feed & Giveaway following burial at her home in Hardin MT


Father Paul Koenig – St. Dennis Catholic Church-Crow Agency MT

Hidatsa (Water Buster Clan)Sr Pallbearer: Nelson Birdbear

Crow Speaker: Dean Bear Claw

Obituary Reading: Alma “Ozzie” McCormick

Family History: Elis “Rabbit” Knows Gun

Pallbearers: Frank Hogan, Darren Rex Chavez, Glen Brunsell Jr, Lind Hogan, Justin Stewart, Cordell Stewart, Conrad YellowMule 

Hidatsa Farewell Song: 

Marvin Driver

Honorary Pallbearers: 

Ramona Bear Claw

Christina Stops

Rosaline Hill

Francine Amyotte

Annette Grant-Mennem

Paulette High Hawk

Cedar Rose Bulltail

Joy Yellowmule

Royanne Enick

Theo Hugs

Monika Bell

Dennis & Nora Big Hair

Nancy & David Fuller

Lyman Myron & Doris Dee Page

Larry & Gloria Sorenson

Sister Lucille Heidt-Benedictine Sisters of the Richardton Sacred Heart Monastery ND

Father Bruce Krebs-Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church-Minot ND

Father Doug Krebs- Diocese of Bismarck ND

Father Jayden Nelson-Bishop Ryan Catholic School-Minot ND

Father Justin Waltz-St. Leo Catholic Church-Minot ND

MSU Native American Cultural Awareness Club-Minot State University of Minot ND

American Legion Auxiliary Unit #300 – Little Shell – New Town, ND

Dr Mosi Bennett-Minneapolis Heart Institute-Minneapolis MN

Charge Nurse Mr. Shane Christnan-Dialysis Clinic, Inc.-Billings MT

On her mother’s side of the Crow Tribe she is a member of the the Newly Made Lodge Clan & child of the Big Lodge Clan and on her father’s side of the Hidatsa Tribe she is a child of the Water Buster Clan & a Xo’shga Hidatsa Band Member.

Her father was Wilbur Stevenson from Shell Creek of the Hidatsa Tribe of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation and her mother was Etheline (Hogan) Stevenson from Benteen, Montana of the Crow Indian  Reservation.

On her mother’s side she is a descendant of Pretty Shield and Goes Ahead of the Crow Tribe from the Crow Indian Reservation. 

On her father’s side she is a descendant of Adlai Stevenson a Xo’shga Hidatsa Band Member and US Hidatsa Scout also known as “Bear in the Water” of the Hidatsa Tribe from the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

She was raised by her paternal grandparents Rufus and Winnie (Turtlehead) Stevenson, her favorite auntie/mother Caroline Stevenson and aunt Olive (Stevenson) Beaks.

She was also raised on the Crow Indian Reservation and spent time with her maternal family in the Benteen area with her grandparents George and Mary Ann Hogan, throughout the years she also spent time with the Alma Snell, Emma Yellowmule, Evelyn Bearground, Loyd Sr Hogan and Mamie Knows His Gun families.

Irene was a devote Catholic and read her Bible everyday. She loved to listen to Rev. Jimmy Swaggert and watch Shepherd’s Chapel. 

She loved her family, especially her grandchildren. She made trips throughout North Dakota to visit with them and always brought each one of them a special gift. 

She was generous and ever ready to help a family member in need. She went out of her way to make sure those around her had everything they needed especially during times of family hardships. 

Irene was a traveler and loved to visit new places, but really she just liked getting in the car and taking off on a road trip. 

Irene was a beader, and a shawl & jewelry maker; her handmade items are precious family treasures. 

She enjoyed going to pow wows and was proud to dance in honor of her father Wilbur and brother Terrance Stevenson who were both war veterans. She proudly danced with her American Legion Auxiliary shawl. She was a lifetime member of the American Legion Little Shell District Auxiliary Unit #300 of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. 

She is survived by her children Francis Stevenson, Doreen Lyons, Thomas Black Hawk Jr., Claudette Black Hawk, her adopted daughter    Ramona Bear Claw and her dog Scrappy Doo, her grandchildren she raised as her own are Kingden & Maxxan Black  Hawk, and Ezekiel Lyons, her other grandchildren are Destiny, Heaven, Champion & Adlai Stevenson, Pamela Nash, Cassandra, Courtney, Devon, Tanner Black Hawk.  

Adopted grandchildren: 

Ashton Crowsheart. 

Too many numerous great   grandchildren to name.


Her Baby brother Aaron Stevenson, Beverly Hall, Terrance  (Marty) Stevenson, Deborah (Alan) Lee, Evelyn Klimpel, and Willette (Gerald) Bachmeier.

On her mother’s family side: 

Reeds, Hogans, adopted family member of John Wilson’s Family, Don’t Mix-Beads, He-Does-It, Yellowmules

Extended Family:

Yellowtail, Takes Gun, Duschane, Junior (Dexter) Williamson (Adopted as a brother by George Hogan I), Snell, Cerise & Francis Stewart 

On her father’s family side: 

Turtlehead, Stevenson, Dancing Bull, Dean, Driver, Mason, Hale, Fredericks, Heart, Elk, Smith, Brugh, Grinnell, Gillette, Danks, 

Packineau, Two Crow, Meyers, Gun, Burr, Wounded Face, Finley, Bearstail, Bigman, Backbone

Preceded in Death:

By her parents Etheline (Hogan) & Wilbur Stevenson, her siblings

Constance (Hogan) Stewart, Wilbur Stevenson Jr, and her grandchild Damion Black Hawk.  

Our family is large, if we have forgotten anybody please accept our Apologies during our time of grief.

Funeral arrangements have been entrusted to Bullis Mortuary of Hardin, Montana.