Legislative Update

Jordan Kannianen

District 4 Senator

Friends and family of District 4,

We’ve reached Crossover in the legislative session. The Senate passed 252 of the 344 Senate bills introduced, while the House passed 339 out of 503 introduced House bills. Resolutions have a different deadline, so not all of the 46 House resolutions and 15 Senate resolutions have been acted on. When the session resumes on Wednesday, March 3rd, each chamber will begin considering the bills passed by the opposite chamber. 

Some of the things the House passed that the Senate will now hear include bonding proposals for infrastructure projects, recreational marijuana (legalization and taxation), legacy fund proposals (investing 20% in ND, and use of the earnings), a 3 cent increase in motor fuels and special fuels taxes, and efforts to help the coal industry. The K-12 education funding bill originally called for a 1% annual increase in student aid funding, but the House took the increase out. It sounds like Senate appropriators will try to reinstall the 1% increases. 

I welcome your thoughts on these issues. I assure you that I take note of your communications and do my best to weigh all factors in my decision making. 

Have a great week!

Jordan Kannianen, District 4 Senator

701.421.8813 (cell), [email protected]