Legislative Update

Terry B. Jones

District 4 Representative

Hello again from Bismarck, Feb 13, 2021

I hope everyone is staying warm and safe.  With the temperature being as cold as it is, it is a pleasure to serve the citizens of district 4 in the nice warm capital building.  I worry about the people who are caring for livestock, working in the oil field, and taking care of necessities of life.

We have had another busy week.  Things are definitely winding down.  The Judiciary committee I am on has been working on a total of 96 bills.  We have 9 more to hear next week and then we have to do committee work on about 30 bills.  There is still a lot of work to do.

I am finding as a legislator that there is an abundance of busy work to keep us occupied and distracted.  The hard part is to deal with the mechanics of the day to day legislating and still save enough energy to focus on a few things that are very important.  

This week I have been working with several lawyers to try to figure out how to stop the social media censorship we are seeing in North Dakota.  This week I received a 16 minute youtube video dealing with voter fraud in the 2020 election validating Mike Lindel’s claims. I sent to my colleagues and it was deleted by youtube within 2 days.  A lot of my fellow legislators had received but had not been able to view it.  I was lucky that I had made a copy of it so I was able to create a link to send it again so they could see it.  I am shocked that we have this happening in North Dakota and across the country.

HB1144 brought by Tom Kading will recognize large media platforms as a public utility because of the sheer amount of people depending on their service. If there are over 75,000,000 users who joined their platform understanding it was going to be fair, free, and open, the companies cannot then change their approach and censor political or religious views.  This is a bait and switch breach of an implied contract. This inappropriate censoring has been huge in the way it has affected this election cycle as described in a Times Magazine article that was rebutted by the Epoch Times this week.

My focus has now turned to requesting leadership to allow me to submit a delayed resolution.  I would like the North Dakota legislature to resolve that if the evidence is proven in a court of competent jurisdiction that the will of the people was thwarted in the 2020 election through illegal and inappropriate activities, the North Dakota Legislature will initiate, or join, a multi-state effort to call for a special election to protect the sanctity of the American voting process. The states are the ones that choose the times, places, and manner of holding elections according to our Constitution.  In the case of a fraudulently manipulated election it is the states’ duties to put in place a remedy.

Please stay warm and safe.  Pray for our Country.  If you have any questions or thoughts please contact me.  701.627.3397 . [email protected]

Terry B Jones