Nyamka Reese, 

Public Information Officer of the MHA COVID-19 Task Force

Our priority as the MHA COVID-19 Task Force and Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is to take care of our community and make sure that we are supplying essential resources to help stay healthy during this challenging time. 

Between January 23 to February 07, our Task Force and EOC personnel organized donation drive-thru in all TAT Segments to giveaway food items, hand sanitizers, masks, and cleaning supplies. The MHA EOC had received these donations from the TNT in Texas. The MHA Distribution Aid Center supplied the food items. The first giveaway was held in New Town on January 23, 2021, at the EOC parking lot for North Segment and Four Bears communities. The team put together 600 donation goodie bags and gave away 529 bags to over 175 vehicles that drove thru. 

On January 30 and 31, the team distributed 100 personal protective equipment (PPE) bags in Twin Buttes and Mandaree communities. On February 6th and 7th, the giveaway was organized in Parshall and White Shield Communities to distribute 100 bags of PPEs. 

“We will be organizing similar giveaways to the schools, local area churches, and any organizations that in need of hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves,” said Greg Snyder, the Operations Section Chief of the MHA COVID-19 Task Force. He is leading the giveaway donation project. 

Greg also added that the second donation is coming from City Serve, a Collaborative Network from Bakersfield, CA, on February 10th and 26th. The EOC will be receiving a total of 2,376 boxes of fresh produce, dairy products, and meat. The team is currently coordinating with each Segment to deliver these donated items to the communities upon receiving.