Bismarck Organization Focuses on Helping Native Americans in Need of Opportunity to Thrive

The Warriors Reentry Inc. is an independent and unique organization that helps individuals who have suffered from addictions, have been incarcerated or are on federal or state probation. The organization began in 2013 with ten participants and had once grown as a program to over 100 participants. 

Executive Director Diane Johnson said the numbers of participants remain high at nearly 60 clients, but the organization has limited staff and they stay extremely busy. Currently the program has 4 staff members who are “kept running” night and day and seven days a week. They are a dedicated staff, and their work is appreciated by Johnson and the clientele.  

“We rely on some great volunteers who help out and we have people who are on the board who are committed to the success of our organization,” said Johnson. “Transportation is a major part of our services and we get picked by people who wait in line for our program for an opening because so many of them don’t have vehicles.” Mentorship, guidance and follow-up are the key to the many success stories who have made the best of the opportunities and second chance they received from the Warriors Reentry Inc.  

Warriors Reentry, Inc., is now a non-profit organization and located in Bismarck. The staff focuses on helping individuals who have been incarcerated, on state and federal probation, and those battling drug addiction. Warriors Reentry helps find employment, housing, skill development, educational services, transportation, & mentorship. Warriors Reentry, Inc., also provides support and care in meeting the needs, sometimes basic survival needs, for MHA Nation tribal members, and other Native Americans, in the Bismarck/Mandan area.

“It is our responsibility as citizens, as tribal members, to help the homeless, feed and clothe the poor,” stated Johnson last week. “Your donation goes towards providing emergency housing, or purchasing hotel rooms – especially if it’s cold, for MHA tribal members or other Native Americans, living on the street. That includes feeding and clothing them or buying shoes if their shoes are tattered or have holes in them. Your donations assist in providing for the emergent needs of the ‘unseen’ and the ‘forgotten’.” 

Monetary donations are humbly accepted. If Warriors Reentry is successful in obtaining housing for people, the organization also assists them with used furniture such as beds, along with blankets, pillows, towels, dishes, etc. 

“So, before you throw out any of these types of items, please consider donating them to Warriors Reentry, Inc.,” emphasized Johnson. “Your support is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in making their lives a little more comfortable and easier. Just buying them a meal, shoes, a used mattress, brings them so much joy. That, in and of itself, brings us great satisfaction and makes our day worthwhile, just knowing we have brought some happiness into their lives. Again, thank you, sincerely, for your generous donations to help people, our MHA tribal members, & other indigenous tribal members find comfort from their daily struggles.” 

In the past four years, the organization records show that the clientele have been 70% MHA Nation tribal members and the remainder are made up mostly of other tribal nation members from North Dakota. There are non-natives who have also been in the program but that is a very small percentage. 

Johnson said Warriors Reentry has a good working relationship with the Good Road Recovery Center in Bismarck, the MHA Nation’s treatment center. The organization also works closely with the halfway houses in the Bismarck/Mandan area. Meetings are mostly done through the internet until the COVID restrictions are lifted and the pandemic eases up significantly, added Johnson. 

For more information on Warriors Reentry, Inc. located at 309 N. Mandan St., Suite 4, Bismarck, ND, call 701-421-7601 or 701-595-1125.