Legislative Update

Jordan Kannianen

District 4 Senator

Hello everyone, I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. 

The 2021 legislative session has been modernized in many ways. Individuals can now view any and all committee hearings and meetings online at video.legis.nd.gov. All floor sessions will continue to be available online as well. They can all be viewed live or one can watch the archived videos later. Testimony can also be given in committee hearings by pre-registering for the appropriate bill at https://www.legis.nd.gov/legend/committee_hearings/hearings/public-schedule/. One can upload written testimony and also choose to give oral testimony through Zoom if wanted. 

Bills on electronic land posting, bonding for infrastructure projects, and pulling back some of the Governor’s emergency authority are some of the big items we’ll consider this session. 

A three-county study took place this past interim on electronic posting. Seventy-nine landowners voluntarily took part which included 268 parcels and 38,000 acres. SB 2036 would continue the pilot project for another two years and expand it statewide. SB 2144 would make electronic posting equal to physical posting in regards to penalties. 

There are a few bonding proposals in the works, with the main idea being to take advantage of low interest rates to bond and then pay the bonds back with Legacy Fund earnings. The bond proceeds would target essential infrastructure projects across the state. The $1.1 billion bond proposal seems too rich for me right off the bat, but I do agree with the mindset that waiting to build projects later with cash would actually cost the state more than building them now with low interest financing (and avoiding inflation). 

With the Governor’s current emergency declaration now being 10 months old, there is a resolution in the House to end the declaration and bills in both chambers to limit how long a Governor’s emergency declaration can last without legislative approval. 

Have a great week!


Jordan Kannianen, District 4 Senator

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