Safety Comes First in Fitness

Parshall Fitness Center Adds Blood Pressure Machine to Wide Array of High-Tech Fitness and Health Devices 

By Logan J. Davis

The Parshall/Lucky Mound Fitness Center is a central hub for fitness and health enthusiasts in the area and there are many who enjoy the state-of-the-art training equipment available there. Northeast Segment has also invested in the safety of the patrons who utilize the fitness center and that is always foremost in any fitness program. The latest piece of equipment for safety at the Parshall/Lucky Mound Fitness

Parshall Fitness Center Director checks his blood pressure

Center is a high-tech blood pressure monitoring kiosk with a computer screen that will provide anyone with quick and accurate readings. Fitness Center Director Chris Kolk emphasized that the blood pressure monitoring kiosk is as important as any of the other great pieces of equipment out on the floor of the spacious fitness center.

“It’s a great addition for our fitness center. Because it’s so important, quick and convenient, we encourage everyone who comes to the fitness center to take their blood pressure before and after they exercise. It’s especially important for our elders to take their blood pressure readings as part of safety protocol in regards to exercise,” said Kolk.

Hypertension is sometimes referred to as the ‘silent killer’ and is one of the reasons that people are not able to live full lives. Many people do not feel symptoms of hypertension until they have developed problems with heart or kidney issues. Exercise is a great way to reduce blood pressure if an individual has hypertension, but it is critical that caution is used in any exercise program. The staff at the Parshall/Lucky Mound Fitness Center are trained professionals who can help design a practical exercise program for anyone. 

Karen Rabbithead is the chairman of the Northeast Segment Community Development Board. Rabbithead noted that it is a worthwhile investment and she is pleased that Northeast Segment was able to purchase the blood pressure machine.

“The new addition to the fitness center is part of Councilman (Mervin) Packineau’s continuing health initiative that he holds in the highest of priorities. Health is so important to our people and right now in these times of COVID, we’re all reminded of that on a daily basis. I hope the people use the blood pressure machine when they come into the fitness center and make it a good habit like the exercise and fitness program they are doing,” stated Rabbithead.

The new blood pressure kiosk is now ready for use when the Parshall/Lucky Mound Fitness Center reopens. The COVID safety protocols will remain in place with the need for wearing masks and a limit of people working out at one time. The same protocols of wearing a mask applies whenever anyone is in the entire facility at the Parshall/Lucky Mound Veterans Memorial Building where the fitness center is located.