Reject Measure 2

The constitutional rights of the people of North Dakota are under attack. Politicians and big corporate donors placed Measure 2 on the ballot by to take away the right of the people to participate in their government. It is an egotistical power grab by the very people that are supposed to protect the constitution. 

The initiated measure that created the oil extraction tax angered the big oil barons. It was the beginning of the end for the initiated measure process. The measure that established the much-needed Ethics Commission was the next insult to the egos of our politicians. They liked the free-wheeling fun times of free trips to exotic places, gourmet dinners, big campaign donations and gifts that the Ethics Amendment was designed to rein in.

I have reviewed all 516 measures placed on the ballot since 1889. It appears the good ones won and the bad ones lost. The initiated measure process brought us the oil extraction tax and $7 billion in the Legacy fund. The Bank of North Dakota and its hundreds of millions in profits. The State Mill and Elevator. The Board of Higher Education. The Industrial Commission. The Anti Corporate Farming laws and the Ethics Commission. The people also brought other good measures which helped shape North Dakota and gave us the great state we have today.

What politicians fear most is the initiated measure they know is coming. Term limits! Our latest poll showed that 76.2% of the people want term limits for our elected North Dakota officials including the Supreme Court. The threat of this measure has put the fear of God into our career politicians.

Measure 2 is cleverly written. Once it passes the people can never succeed with needed changes, including repealing it. Our constitutional rights will have been taken away. If the people ever want their constitutional rights back, it won’t happen. Vote no on Measure 2 and protect our constitution from those who want to subvert it for their own power and personal gains.

David Schwalbe

9500 66th St NE

Bismarck ND 58503


[email protected]