Fort Berthold Diabetes Program

Ready to Exercise?

By Amber Kirk- Heath Education Technician

Let’s get moving! Sometimes it’s tough to find the motivation to get active but here are some helpful tips. Remember it’s never too late to begin a new workout regimen. Most often, we may not have time to work out or we forget to workout. Ask yourself what you really want to accomplish. Is your goal to feel better, eat healthier, have more energy, or to lose weight? Let’s get started! One way to do goal setting that will help you stay focused on what you want to achieve. Is the SMART goal setter.

S= (Specific) Who, what, when, where, why and how? Whether it’s pertaining to losing weight, feeling better, getting more energy, gaining muscle, eating healthy, fitting into your old clothes, preparing for a competition, or to get off the couch. Choose a goal/s that will keep you motivated to keep going. 

M= (Measurable) How will you know you have accomplished your goal? Write down your starting weight, muscle weight, take photos for before and after. You can do body measurements to see your improvement after so many weeks. Most of all how do you feel? Do you feel less stressed and have more energy? This will help you keep you going and to continue to make more healthy goals.  

A= (Attainable) Is your goal realistic? Healthy weight loss is losing at least 1-2 pounds per week. Although it may not seem like enough, that’s the recommendation. Keep your goals attainable rather than setting too high and failing. Each small victory, even if it’s adding a walk to your day, contributes to the ultimate goal. 

R= (Relevant) How does this fit into your life now? Plan your week ahead and schedule your workout days. Prepare the night before with clothing, equipment, water bottle, healthy snacks, so you can kick off your workouts on the right foot. Remember we want to make it a lifestyle change meaning this is the new normal. 

T= (Time) When will you achieve your goal? Whether you’re starting out for the first 8 weeks or 12, it’s good to give a timeline to do a follow-up and see what’s working for you and what’s not. 

A benefit of exercise, is a decrease in your level of stress. Exercise is scientifically proven to help you feel better. If you know that you’re building resilience and making yourself an all-around person, that’s more of an accomplishment in itself. When you push yourself to do what is physically challenging, you’re growing more mentally strong. Be open to try new things, whether its bike riding, hiking, dancing, or yoga, you may just like it. Remember you’re worth it and you can accomplish goals if you try. 

What’s available? Due to the pandemic, getting to the gym may seem a little more complicated. Some workout gyms are open and some remain closed. If you aren’t able to make it to the gym, we have a solution! Virtual classes can enhance your home workout routines. You can find many videos online for specific workouts, 30 minute cardio, dance, strength training, and more! Fort Berthold Diabetes is now offering FREE eight week classes virtually with Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube. Chair exercises, Native exercises, Zumba, and Weight lifting are some of the virtual classes being through the Diabetes Program. Each time you join a class you earn points for awesome incentives! Our staff will encourage you and help you along the way. Like and follow our Facebook page and checkout our new website as we will be posting our exercise videos.