Measure 3 gives North Dakotans more power in election process

by Nicole Donaghy, Bismarck, ND

I was born and raised in North Dakota, and am proud of many aspects of our state. Yet, our election process seems to lack a level of transparency that is so necessary in honest, fair government. I have joined a group of North Dakotans from across the political spectrum to make our elections more secure, more transparent, and to give voters more choice. I want to explain two parts of Measure 3.

One provision of Measure 3 is how our legislative districts are decided. Measure 3 will put power back into the hands of the people by redrawing district lines in a fair way. Right now, North Dakota state legislators redraw their own boundaries, meaning politicians pick who they represent in Bismarck, not the other way around. Measure 3 puts redistricting in the hands of an independent, nonpartisan citizen-led commission that will draw districts that make sense for North Dakota communities. 

Measure 3 also gives our military more time to vote. I have three brothers and one sister that have served in the military. Our brave soldiers abroad shouldn’t have to think about whether they’ll get their ballot soon enough so they can vote. While you and I may not have had problems voting, our overseas heroes are busy serving this country. Let’s give them ample time to vote. Measure 3 helps ensure none of our heroes miss an opportunity to participate in our political process. It’s the right thing to do.

Join me in fighting for common sense solutions to problems that affect North Dakotans. Let’s put more security, more choices, and more power in the hands of citizens. When you cast your November ballot, vote Yes on Measure 3.