As a part of our revised mitigation efforts to stop and prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, masks are now required in any public place on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. We are not only requiring masks for our employees but we are now requiring masks for patrons too.  We feel this is necessary to slow the spread of the virus and to protect ourselves further. Also, to bring the recent spike [in cases] down and to level off the recent rise. Wear your masks when you go indoors; the gas station, the convenient store, if you take a chip to the casino to have some fun, wear your mask. If you go to the bar, wear your mask … Anything that is public, and while you are exposed to the public – indoors, you are required to wear a mask. 

On the formal and the written side, I am asserting that this be policy and giving it full effect. I am giving the businesses and the public notice [of this mask-wearing requirement]. 

Within MHA Tribal buildings, it’s always existed this way [since the Pandemic social distancing mitigation measures were first announced] and is nothing new. This has been our Tribal Policy, and in all of our Tribal buildings, we require the use of a mask. 

Of course, this doesn’t apply to your private property. This does not apply to things that are not open to the public. You’re free to not wear your mask inside of those areas – But inside of public areas – a public business indoors – we’re going to require that you wear a mask. 

Again, if you don’t have a mask, please call 701-627-4781 – they will get you in contact with the individual who will get you a mask.