Tornado Demolishes Tribal Members RV Camper

By Sherry Stevens

New Town, ND –Last week on June 29th, we touched on a story about a large storm that brought a tornado – hitting the ground in New Town by the Four Bears Ridge located directly adjacent to the KMHA Radio Station and MHA Times Newspaper offices. We also included some photos of the damage at Four Bears RV Resort. One of the RV campers belonging to Angela Hinojosa, was found to have endured total damage from the tornado winds and there was a subsequent tragic story behind the event; Hinojosa’s camper appeared to be knocked on its side from the violent gusts but upon closer examination of the trailer, the mobile structure was found to be completely cracked in half. No other RV campers were touched on her side of the park but her RV looked to have taken a brutal pummeling by the storm coming up off of the lake from the West. Hinojosa had purchased the camper last year for her birthday and it was less than 50 percent paid for when the storm struck. This was further exacerbated by the fact she only used the camper during holidays and this was the first it had been pulled out and used all year. She is now left with bank loan payments of more than 2,500 dollars. Additionally, no clear plan as to the removal and subsequent scrapping of the vessel and one quote has brought back a 1,500 bill as a starting point. Four Bears RV Manager was contacted in order to request an order of operations for the removal of the camper from the RV park however, because the RV Park had not dealt with damage to a recreational vehicle of this magnitude, we were asked to contact the 4 Bears Casino and we have not heard back from the Casino’s public pelations department individual but were able to leave a voicemail on Friday and have had no response at this time.

Angela wrote a little about herself:

My name is Angela Hinojosa. I am an enrolled member of the MHA Nation. I was born and raised in Hawaiian Gardens, California. I moved here in 2011 and now call New Town my home. Just about all my family from my mom’s side lives here or close by. My grandparents Juliette (Starr) and Leroy Lockwood are from here, they’ve both passed on. I myself am a mother of 3. Miranda, Fraser, Larissa Martin. I’m engaged to Fernando Sanchez. Fernando and I both work for United Quality Co-op. Before the storm destroyed my RV and when not working, we had plans to explore the beautiful campsites in and around North Dakota. I love camping, the outdoors, the sunsets are amazing. I know God is in control of everything, my trust is in Him. He gives and he takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Out of 30 plus RV campers parked and awaiting the weekend’s 4th of July fireworks and celebration activities, Hinojosa’s was the only camper destroyed from the tornado and counted as a total loss. Unfortunately, since Friday night, there has been vandalism and her windows were cracked and broken out (per a FB users own comments on social media) and we would like to help Angela by a request for anyone who feels the spirit to help in her time of need, to please reach out and assist her in paying for the removal, towing from the RV Park to the salvage yard, and payments to the creditor. This can be accomplished both, anonymously or in person, by donating to a, Paypal or Venmo account created for the exclusive use by Angela to help her in this time of need. Angela’s email is [email protected] which is tied to all of these accounts. So far, Angela has received close to 800 dollars from generous donors and has filed police reports on the damage occurring from both the tornado and the subsequent vandalism over the weekend. We hope she can receive some relief from this sudden turn of events.

*Update as of 7/6/2020 the Casino – Maintenance has agreed to clean up and remove the debris from the RV after an attempt to flip it onto its base resulted in the entire structure crumbling.